DATE OF BIRTH: 8.6.1933.
HEIGHT: 5 ft 1.81 in (157 cm)
WEIGHT: 123.46 lb (56 kg)
What is Joan Rivers BMI?

Joan Rivers BMI is in normal range

Joan Rivers height is:5 ft 1.81 in (157 cm)
Joan Rivers weight is: 123.46 lb (56 kg)
Joan Rivers BMI is: in normal range

Joan Rivers biography

Her real name is Joan Alexandra Molinsky. She is an American television personality and comedian. Rivers came to prominence as a host in The Tonight Show, first of the late-night chat programs with interviews and comedy, pioneered by Johnny Carson, whom she acknowledges as her mentor. The show established her particular comic style, poking fun at celebrities, but also at herself, often joking about her extensive plastic surgery. When she launched a rival program, The Late Show, without warning Carson, he never spoke to her again. She went on to host a successful daytime slot, The Joan Rivers Show, which won her a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host.